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If you believe you can help with tutorials that are factual and as error free as possible, please write up some examples, preferably on topics not already covered, but alternates will be considered if they prove to be easier to understand or more detailed. Once you're created your examples, you can email them (standard Word Document) to AJ Phillips for consideration.

The tutorials do not have to be in Wiki format if you're not that familiar with it, but it helps. All tutorials will be reviewed by the team to determine if we think you’d make a great addition to the site. After you’ve submitted your tutorials one of the following will happen:

  • Your submissions will be approved; we'll create an account for you and contact you via email.
  • Your submissions will be denied for an unspecified reason, but we'll request to post your tutorials (You will get full credit as author).
  • Your submissions will be denied and we will explain how you can improve your work if you really want to help this project.

Sorry to sound like a jerk, but I've hosted many Wiki's in the past where users just abused the system WAY too much.

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