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Copyright and Support

The information on this Wiki falls under the "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License" license which essentially means that you can copy, distribute, and transmit our work, as well as adapt this information into your own projects as long as you do not convey or imply we endorse your work; it's for non-commercial use and your final results must be provided under the same license. You must obtain our written permission for any other forms of use. Although not required in all cases, we do kindly request that you give us credit as the creators of the original content or inspiration for your resulting work. Licenses aside, all information on this site (in its current unmodified state) is copyright AJ Phillips and/or the poster of that entry.
If in doubt, ask us first.


For the time being, the two best ways to support this project is by:

  • Visiting the Contribute page for more information
  • Considering a donation by clicking the 'donate' button below (will be added shortly). All money (minus PayPal fees) will go directly to hosting/bandwidth costs.
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